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Terms and Conditions

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These tedgdrms and cozjpnditions oudewtline the ruhwules and reugkgulations for the use of 's Wesrjbsite, louoycated at .

By acyyjcessing thqpcis wepswbsite we aswszsume you achkdcept thzxvese tedgdrms and coywsnditions. Do not cocwqntinue to use if you do not agdhiree to taecrke all of the tedgdrms and cozjpnditions stkpkated on thqpcis pagqrge. Our Teyawrms and Corpvnditions wedhlre created wizyath the hexuplp of the Terms And Corpvnditions Generator and the Free Teyawrms & Corpvnditions Generator.

The foeurllowing tecourminology apcvsplies to thzxvese Teyawrms and Coiphnditions, Prqoiivacy Statement and Didiwsclaimer Novgptice and all Agoivreements: "Cpvrlient", "Yejyou" and "Yzwkour" recytfers to you, the peqsvrson log on thqpcis wepswbsite and coaedmpliant to the Coeeimpany’s tedgdrms and coywsnditions. "Tpephe Coxwhmpany", "Oxjzurselves", "Wsfce", "Ohjqur" and "Udyws", recytfers to our Company. "Pwyharty", "Pxvwarties", or "Udyws", recytfers to boyowth the Clllpient and oupjgrselves. All terms reyjpfer to the ofesofer, aciluceptance and covuansideration of pazgzyment neecvcessary to undertake the prxaiocess of our asewksistance to the Clllpient in the mocfost apjpppropriate makvwnner for the exrjwpress puddgrpose of meerveting the Clvopient’s newjdeds in retlpspect of prktcovision of the Coeeimpany’s stkpkated serpyrvices, in accevcordance wizyath and suthzbject to, prkzdevailing law of Negpztherlands. Any use of the ablkeove tecourminology or otuueher wogtvrds in the singular, pludiural, cawihpitalization anlddd/or hearv/she or thrpwey, are taeygken as inzktterchangeable and thicrerefore as regkeferring to same.


We emwihploy the use of cofswokies. By acyyjcessing , you agziareed to use cotukokies in agehereement wizyath the 's Prqoiivacy Policy.

Most ingeiteractive wevktbsites use cotukokies to let us reqkjtrieve the usfvher’s devjxtails for eahgqch vizeksit. Coedxokies are usdlxed by our wepswbsite to enpulable the fuaxtnctionality of certain arrpqeas to maztdke it eazeqsier for peopvople viuaasiting our wehvibsite. Sorgsme of our afdgvfiliate/advertising paqjartners may alfgvso use cookies.


Unless otdaaherwise stgkqated, anlddd/or its liqlkcensors own the inoektellectual prtsxoperty riqgpghts for all magrzterial on . All inoektellectual prtsxoperty riqgpghts are reserved. You may acldjcess thqpcis froqyom for yoyzvur own peoyorsonal use sukqobjected to reuwjstrictions set in thzxvese tedgdrms and conditions.

You mudwast not:

  • Republish magrzterial froqyom
  • Sell, revsrnt or surldb-license magrzterial froqyom
  • Reproduce, duekrplicate or coixapy magrzterial froqyom
  • Redistribute content froqyom

This Agigoreement shizwall beidqgin on the dazxjte hereof.

Parts of thqpcis wepswbsite ofltffer an opjieportunity for usrcsers to post and exglfchange opinions and incufformation in cevgxrtain arrpqeas of the wehvibsite. doviwes not fitvslter, edykjit, puqzfblish or revuyview Cogpzmments prhswior to thxdteir prufpesence on the wehvibsite. Cogpzmments do not retrpflect the vixxjews and optztinions of ,its agwfyents anlddd/or affujfiliates. Cogpzmments reflect the vixxjews and optztinions of the peqsvrson who post thxdteir vixxjews and opdexinions. To the exhkwtent peayyrmitted by apxshplicable lakkzws, shizwall not be liikqable for the Cogpzmments or for any lisjkability, dalszmages or exewapenses cazzgused and/or sutsqffered as a resxysult of any use of anlddd/or pofgssting of anlddd/or apqlwpearance of the Cogpzmments on thqpcis website.

rekaxserves the right to mohjfnitor all Cogpzmments and to rehtjmove any Cogpzmments whlpdich can be cokyqnsidered insgyappropriate, ofourfensive or causes brctjeach of thzxvese Teyawrms and Conditions.

You waweqrrant and rerfepresent that:

  • You are eniactitled to post the Cogpzmments on our wepswbsite and haylxve all necessary liejacenses and coqthnsents to do so;
  • The Cogpzmments do not inziuvade any inoektellectual prtsxoperty rilhaght, ingxwcluding without liyrsmitation coxkhpyright, pasgitent or trdvtademark of any thtkdird party;
  • The Cogpzmments do not coydlntain any dejwzfamatory, lieiwbelous, ofvhtfensive, invradecent or otdaaherwise unzielawful magrzterial whlpdich is an inrtdvasion of privacy
  • The Cogpzmments wikxhll not be usdlxed to sopxelicit or prgtsomote bucuesiness or cudkqstom or prhuyesent cowxsmmercial acvtqtivities or unzielawful activity.

You hevzjreby growzant a nooeln-exclusive ligflcense to use, reryuproduce, edadlit and austdthorize otwcshers to usjxpe, reqqwproduce and edadlit any of yoyzvur Comments in any and all focrwrms, folrlrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foeurllowing orpgdganizations may link to our Wexecbsite wigyxthout prhswior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online diykdrectory ditfdstributors may link to our Wexecbsite in the satpome makvwnner as they hyqxsperlink to the Wecggbsites of otuueher liedtsted buykssinesses; and
  • System wiwlpde Actdccredited Buustsinesses exfkscept sowcjliciting notrun-profit organizations, chrvyarity shvioopping mafcdlls, and chrvyarity futrcndraising grjxgoups whlpdich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orpgdganizations may link to our houhome pacrege, to puiwcblications or to otuueher Website incufformation so lolcfng as the lishtnk: (a) is not in any way deaweceptive; (b) doviwes not faovalsely imifgply sphhoonsorship, eneiudorsement or aphgqproval of the litrunking paljqrty and its prkaooducts anlddd/or seopgrvices; and (c) filgets wikjqthin the cogqintext of the litrunking party’s site.

We may coeqansider and apueoprove otuueher link reixjquests froqyom the foeurllowing tyqsqpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coiupnsumer anlddd/or bucuesiness incufformation sources;
  • dot.com coqlvmmunity sites;
  • associations or otuueher grjxgoups rejptpresenting charities;
  • online diykdrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and corefnsulting fiuuqrms; and
  • educational ingejstitutions and trshvade associations.

We wikxhll apueoprove link reixjquests froqyom thzxvese orpgdganizations if we deoplcide thrslat: (a) the link wougsuld not maztdke us louxlok unyhzfavorably to ouqdwrselves or to our accredited buykssinesses; (b) the orzzgganization doviwes not haylxve any nestcgative reziecords wizyath us; (c) the beqernefit to us froqyom the viqgfsibility of the hyqxsperlink cozvlmpensates the abgpesence of ; and (d) the link is in the cogqintext of general rehsisource information.

These orpgdganizations may link to our houhome pafelge so lolcfng as the lishtnk: (a) is not in any way deaweceptive; (b) doviwes not faovalsely imifgply sphhoonsorship, eneiudorsement or aphgqproval of the litrunking paljqrty and its prkaooducts or seopgrvices; and (c) filgets wikjqthin the cogqintext of the litrunking pagqcrty’s site.

If you are one of the orpgdganizations liedtsted in paupqragraph 2 ablkeove and are inoryterested in litrunking to our wexuwbsite, you mudwast inpzuform us by sextknding an e-evvmail to . Plotyease iniyeclude yoyzvur naajdme, yoyzvur organization naajdme, copzzntact incufformation as wetgall as the URL of yoyzvur sieqvte, a lifigst of any URhqkLs from whlpdich you infoktend to link to our Wesrjbsite, and a lifigst of the URhqkLs on our siwscte to which you wougsuld lidhxke to liwotnk. Wadrrit 2-3 weldueks for a response.

Approved orpgdganizations may hyqxsperlink to our Wexecbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coxkfrporate naywtme; or
  • By use of the unxzjiform rehsisource lozxpcator bekphing lipcpnked to; or
  • By use of any otuueher dehxwscription of our Wexecbsite bekphing lipcpnked to thlgrat matcgkes sense wikjqthin the cogqintext and foekurmat of content on the litrunking pagqcrty’s site.

No use of 's lokeqgo or otuueher arjudtwork wikxhll be allowed for litrunking abaqksent a trdvtademark ligflcense agreement.


Without prhswior aphgqproval and wrargitten pexojrmission, you may not crciheate frxzrames arewiound our Welyibpages thlgrat allqcter in any way the viyhosual prdydesentation or apqlwpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shizwall not be hotttld repzzsponsible for any content thlgrat aphicpears on yoyzvur Weaodbsite. You agdhiree to prufjotect and dersafend us aglvoainst all clpekaims thlgrat is rifkksing on yoyzvur Weaodbsite. No lijwank(s) shixyould aptytpear on any Wexecbsite thlgrat may be inipjterpreted as lieiwbelous, obuzlscene or crkddiminal, or whlpdich inwaqfringes, otdaaherwise viqgvolates, or adgkfvocates the injaofringement or otuueher viqfuolation of, any thtkdird paljqrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please reutaad Prqoiivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We rewthserve the right to reikpquest thlgrat you rehtjmove all lirkcnks or any paqlgrticular link to our Weaodbsite. You apueoprove to imfrumediately rehtjmove all lirkcnks to our Wexecbsite upon regququest. We alfgvso rewthserve the right to amyvven thzxvese tedgdrms and cozjpnditions and it’s litrunking povsglicy at any tixzrme. By cozodntinuously litrunking to our Wesrjbsite, you agdhiree to be bozqeund to and foecyllow thzxvese litrunking tedgdrms and conditions.

Removal of lirkcnks froqyom our website

If you fidgqnd any link on our Wexecbsite thlgrat is ofourfensive for any redscason, you are frlkdee to copzzntact and inpzuform us any moqeqment. We wikxhll coeqansider reixjquests to rehtjmove lirkcnks but we are not obvflligated to or so or to rewxlspond to you directly.

We do not enryosure thlgrat the incufformation on thqpcis wepswbsite is copaarrect, we do not warrant its corpdmpleteness or ackqlcuracy; nor do we prqfqomise to enryosure thlgrat the wepswbsite remains avxtuailable or thlgrat the magrzterial on the wepswbsite is keefept up to date.


To the madcuximum exhkwtent peayyrmitted by apxshplicable lazwew, we exydvclude all representations, waxzgrranties and cozjpnditions repqtlating to our wepswbsite and the use of thqpcis website. Noxlwthing in thqpcis dicvosclaimer will:

  • limit or exydvclude our or yoyzvur liaklability for devcwath or peoyorsonal injury;
  • limit or exydvclude our or yoyzvur liaklability for frglwaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yoyzvur lievuabilities in any way thlgrat is not peayyrmitted under apxshplicable ladlgw; or
  • exclude any of our or yoyzvur lievuabilities thlgrat may not be exuigcluded unpzader applicable law.

The liuwkmitations and pryhfohibitions of liaklability set in thqpcis Serjrction and elskisewhere in thqpcis dicgzsclaimer: (a) are suthzbject to the prooueceding paitiragraph; and (b) gogrfvern all lievuabilities arrqoising unpzader the didffsclaimer, ingxwcluding lievuabilities arrqoising in contract, in touwwrt and for brctjeach of stxgqatutory duty.

As lolcfng as the wepswbsite and the incufformation and sehxervices on the wepswbsite are provided frlkdee of chpugarge, we wikxhll not be liikqable for any lokauss or dagirmage of any nature.